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Judo experience for tourists visiting Japan.

Would you like to try judo?
You can also learn about ancient Japanese etiquette on the tatami mats.
For safety reasons, the training content will be limited to NEWAZA.
Beginners are welcome. You can also learn how to wear a judo uniform, how to enter a Japanese-style room, how to perform a zarei, and Japanese manners.

Notes on participating in rehearsals

(1) If the nails are long, they will hurt the other person.
(2) Be sure to remove any accessories such as rings.
(3) If you have long hair, please tie it up.

# Insurance premiums for injuries, etc. are not included. Please take out your own insurance.
# By applying, you are deemed to have agreed to the following terms and conditions.

I agree to the purpose of the judo training held in the multi-purpose room (judo hall) of Hirobo Live Factory, and I will participate at my own risk and by paying close attention to safety at all times. In the unlikely event that your health is impaired, or you suffer an injury or accident, we will not hold the organizer, attendees, or related parties responsible in any way.


The fee is 30,000 yen per hour. Rental judo wear included.
Please contact us regarding the schedule.
For applications and inquiries, please use the form below 'Contact LINK'.
お問い合わせ / Contact